Bush Reveals Opposition to Mifepristone

At an Iowa news conference, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush stated that if the FDA approved mifepristone, he “would not be inclined to accept that ruling by the FDA. That’s abortion.” He then reiterated that abortion should be illegal with the exception of rape, incest and saving the live of the mother when questioned about his stance on abortion.

When questioned about Supreme Court appointments, Bush again asserted that he would only appoint “strict constructionists” and defined that term as one who “interprets the Constitution for what it is and doesn’t use the opportunity of the Constitution to pass legislation or legislate from the bench.”

Bush responded to a question about how a “strict constructionist” would determine the legality of abortion claiming “Roe v. Wade was a reach that overstepped the constitutional bounds as far as I’m concerned” and then added “I would remind you I’m not a lawyer.”

When asked what he would do if a relative of his was raped and considering abortion, Bush said “I would hope I would be able to evoke enough sympathy in a rape case to help comfort her as a friend.”


Associated Press - January 21, 2000 and The Washington Post - January 21,2000

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