Bush to Christian Coalition: Will “Value..the Life of the Unborn”

Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush spoke via videotape to the Christian Coalition’s annual conference this past weekend, saying that America must put more value on “the life of the unborn.” Bush’s comments were almost identical to those he made at the Republican National Convention, sending an anti-choice message, but one craftily worded to appease more moderate Republicans. Bush did assure the audience at the Christian Coalition that he would sign a bill banning certain abortion procedures, but did not comment on the FDA’s recent approval of mifepristone.

Bush was not scheduled to speak to the Christian Coalition, but conceded to speak via videotape after some Christian conservatives criticized his absence at the conference, to which both President George Bush and Bob Dole spoke in past election years. George W. Bush, despite his attempts to appeal to moderate Republicans, is opposed to abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or risk to a woman’s life and has said that he would support a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion if it provided those few exceptions.


New York Times and Washingon Post _ October 1, 2000

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