Bush Works to Placate Pro-Choice

More than two-thirds of respondents polled in the Los Angeles Times poll, released earlier this week, believe the decision to obtain an abortion should be left between a woman and her doctor. The same nationwide poll told us that more than half of Americans are unclear on both presidential candidates’ stances on abortion. Today, the Washington Post revealed how the Bush campaign has strategically and quite successfully kept the abortion issue at bay within the Republican party. Unlike 1996, so far the Republican platform debate on abortion does not appear to be divisive. Bush is making a concerted effort to be friendly to abortion-rights advocates within the Republican party and even allowing them equal access to strategic meetings. The strategy seems to be working because although he has a strong anti-abortion position, Ralph Reed serves as a consultant and Pat Robertson as a supporter, the public still does not know his anti-abortion position. Pat Buchanan’s exit from the Republican party seems to provide for Bush a more moderate appearance.


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