CA Recall Vote is Tomorrow, Support for Schwarzenegger Declines

As Californians brace themselves for the governor recall election tomorrow, support for Republican front-runner Arnold Schwarzenegger is dropping, following a weekend plagued with new allegations of sexual harassment, the Associated Press reports. In a poll conducted last week by Elway-McGuire Research for Knight Ridder, the percent of people (1,000 registered voters surveyed) supporting Davis’ ouster dropped from 52 percent on Wednesday to 44 percent Saturday. Schwarzenegger’s edge over Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante also decreased slightly from an earlier survey. The margin of error was 3 percentage points.

In recent weeks, Schwarzenegger has received much media attention over derogatory comments he’s made over the years about women. To date, 15 women, describing instances dating as early as the 1970’s have stepped forward, charging that Schwarzenegger groped and verbally harassed them. Last week, Schwarzenegger, admitted he “behaved badly” toward women in the past, but then defended himself telling the AP, “No one ever came to me in my life and said to me that I did anything, that said ‘I don’t want you to do that, you went over the line Arnold.'”

The special election tomorrow also features Proposition 54, an anti-affirmative action ballot initiative that would eliminate collection of racial data by most state and local agencies. Opponents of the proposal insist that without racial data, the progress of minority or disadvantaged groups in fields such as academics, law enforcement, and medicine is impossible to track.

The Feminist Majority urges other progressive groups and individuals to oppose the governor recall and Proposition 54.

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