California Moves to Penalize Affirmative Action Supporters

The California Assembly Judiciary Committee passed a bill Wednesday (4-10) that would impose criminal penalties on state and college officials who do not comply with bans on affirmative action. Sponsored by Assembly member Bernie Richter (R-Chico), the bill (AB 2468) would allow felony criminal penalties that could result in fines or one-year prison sentences, and would also provide for other misdemeanor sanctions including county jail time. The measure is expected to pass the Assembly Appropriations Committee and continue on to the Republican-dominated Assembly; all Republican Judiciary Committee members favored the measure in the 9-4 vote. Richter acknowledged the bill was not likely to pass the Democratic-controlled state Senate. Ward Connerly, co-chair of the anti-affirmative action measure on the California ballot for November, appeared as a supporter at the Committee hearing.


The Los Angeles Times - April 11, 1996

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