California Supreme Court Hears Proposition 8 Case

California’s Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that considers the constitutionality of the Proposition 8, which eliminated same sex marriage in the state in the 2008 elections. The proposition, which passed 52 percent to 48, overturned a May 2008 ruling of the state Supreme Court that legalized same sex marriage.

The California state Legislature passed a nonbinding resolution on Monday against Proposition 8. According to US News and World Report, the resolution says that Proposition 8 improperly revised the state Constitution because it gave voters the power to remove constitutional rights from a minority group.

Across California, a number of peaceful protests took place last night in support of overturning Proposition 8. Among other events, a large vigil was held in Los Angeles and several thousand participated in a march in San Francisco.

According to the New York Times, the state Supreme Court will consider the legality of the nearly 18,000 same sex marriages that were performed in California before Proposition 8 was approved by voters. The Court will also consider the question of whether same sex couples have been denied equal protection under California’s state constitution.


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