Camp Democracy Wages Peace

During the month of September, Camp Democracy will be set up on the National Mall in Washington, DC in an effort to bring attention to the situation in Iraq and restore peace and democracy. Those attending the non-partisan Camp Democracy will have the opportunity to participate in activist workshops which will focus on a variety of subjects, including ending the war, human rights, and media training.

This Wednesday, the women’s peace group CodePink and the National Organization for Women are sponsoring Women for Peace Day at Camp Democracy. CodePink, a group that aims for compassion-based policies and a focus on international law while rejecting the Bush administrations “fear-based policies,” has been promoting the “Troops Home Fast,” a hunger strike to expedite the return of US soldiers. On Wednesday, some participants will break their fast at Camp Democracy. Other activities on Wednesday include a discussion on how to end violence in Iraq, an update on the violence against women in Juarez, a panel discussion by military women, and a history workshop led by Howard Zinn.


CodePink website; Camp Democracy website

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