Campus Activism from Leadership Alliances Across the Nation

The CSU SACRAMENTO LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE organized the Clothesline Project on their campus to raise awareness about victims of gender violence. The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at CAL STATE LA fundraised and organized a large delegation to attend the GenderPAC NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GENDER in Washington, DC this week. For more information on GenderPAC and their 3-day conference on gender policy visit http://www.gpac.org/ncg/index.html.

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance Affiliate at CORNELL UNIVERSITY recently protested an anti-choice amendment that would remove abortion coverage in their Student Health Insurance Plan. Students distributed information and rallied in front of their Student Government building. The CERRITOS LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE, along with other campus progressive organizations, organized a “Sweatshop Catwalk” concert to mock the wage exploitation in the garment industry and to demonstrate the corporate manipulation of women and people of color. Students modeled clothing from exploitative corporations while an announcer delivered facts about the inhumane conditions of garment factory workers.

In honor of “Self Love Month,” the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE organized a “Women’s Week” on campus. Speakers addressed issues such as women and the media, poetry and music, women and work, alternative healthcare for women, eating disorders, women leaders, and black women in the media. Participants came from diverse organizations including Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting(FAIR) , Jobs with Justice, UNITE!, Chicago Legal Aid for Incarcerated Mothers, and the Illinois League of Women Voters.

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