Campus Activism from Leadership Alliances Across the Nation!

Students have been staying busy in the wake of the recent Roe v. Wade anniversary, and are gearing up for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (and of course planning to attend Feminist Expo 2000!). The Cerritos Community College FMLA recently co-sponsored a speaking event with Sheila Tobias, author of “Faces of Feminism.” Tobias is now a part of their growing Expo delegation! In addition, Cerritos is planning a Feminist Career Fair for the spring, and wants to invite area Expo co-sponsors to participate in their career panel. The University of Central Florida FMLA hosted its first meeting a few weeks ago, and has already started planning a visibility action. The group will participate in National Condom Week, promoting safer sex on campus by distributing condoms donated to the group by a local health clinic. The condom packages will feature a label with information on the FMLA. Congratulations to the FMLA at California State University of Los Angeles on being recognized as an official student organization by the student government! Planning an event for International Women’s Day (March 8)? Request an action packet online at http://www.feministcampus.org/infoMORE.asp!

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