Campus Program Continues to Grow!

Big feminist welcome to the new FMLA at the UNIVERSITY OF TWIN CITIES-MINNESOTA! The newest chartered FMLA is off to a great start, making a name for themselves by mobilizing voters during the past elections in October and now, gathering strategies for the Emergency Contraception Over-the-Counter (ECOTC) campaign.

The soon to be chartered Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at DUKE UNIVERSITY has had a highly successful recruitment campaign this quarter, with recruitment activities reaching approximately 1,000 students.

Their first general interest meeting brought in 60 students interested in feminist activism on campus. The group was also mentioned and commended by an article in their campus paper for their work in promoting the Emergency Contraception Over-the-Counter Campaign! I

t’s never too late to recruit for your FMLA or to bring a new feminist group on campus!

**Read about recruitment strategies that really work.

**Discuss with others on challenges and strategies for building your group.

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