Campus Team Travels to Pacific Northwest to Strengthen Feminist Activism on Campus

FMF West Coast Campus Organizers have recently returned from a successful visit to schools in Oregon and Washington. Campus Organizers met with feminist groups and women’s centers at PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE-SYLVANIA, MOUNT HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE, PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY, WILLAMETTE UNIVERSITY, LEWIS AND CLARK UNIVERSITY, and the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON. The MOUNT HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE Leadership Alliance participated in an FMF workshop on mentoring and leadership and as well as in a larger FMF regional training on feminist issues, leadership, and activist skills for feminists in Oregon and Washington. According to West Coast Campus Organizer Bri Romero, “The trip was successful because we found a strong young feminist voice on campuses across Oregon and Washington state who were already mobilizing on issues such as access to emergency contraception. Students told us that we helped them strengthen the feminist voice on campus.” As a result of the trip, Portland area feminists are planning a city-wide women’s empowerment festival in coalition with different campus groups. Oregon and Washington area Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances and other feminist groups are now involved in the ECOTC campaign and gearing up for Never Go Back activities on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade in January.

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