Canada’s Prime Minister Appoints First Female Chief Justice

Beverley McLachlin, who has served on Canada’s Supreme Court for the last decade, has been named the Chief Justice of Canada’s highest court. Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced the appointment yesterday, and received immediate positive responses from the legal and feminist communities.

Andree Cote, director of legislation for the National Association of Women and the Law, said “[McLachlin’s] decisions have really created an egalitarian jurisprudence.”

Federal Justice Minister Anne McLellean also praised Chretien’s decision, “As a female minister of justice, I’m very pleased about the fact that the pirme minister has appointed the first woman to that position. [McLachlin is] a person of outstanding ability. She is someone who understands this country. She is a person of balance.” McLachlin will replace Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, who will be retiring on January 7.


Reuters - November 3, 1999

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