Candy Crowley Brings Women Back to Sunday Political Shows

CNN announced yesterday the Candy Crowley will replace John King as the anchor of their Sunday morning political talk show State of the Union. According to the New York Times, Crowley will be the first woman to anchor one of the Sunday political shows since Cokie Roberts left ABC’s This Week in 2002. Crowley has been a political reporter at CNN since 1987. Media Bistro, Crowley said, “this has struck a chord with women I know, and women I don’t know,” but that when she got the job, she “didn’t really think about the ‘woman aspect’ of it, [she] thought of the ‘journalist aspect’ of it. And that’s what people care about anyway…they just want to learn something and understand something, and have it put there in a way that’s compelling, and I don’t think they care whether it’s a woman that does it or a man who does it…In the end, I see myself more as a journalist than as a woman. If I were to describe myself…’mother’ would probably come first, and then I’d say ‘journalist’, and somewhere along the line I’d get to ‘woman’.” As part of the shift, This Week‘s format will also be shortened from a four hour program to one.


New York Times 1/31/10; Media Bistro 1/31/10

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