Cardinal Law Continues Refusal to Resign

In a letter to fellow priests in the Boston area on Saturday, Cardinal Bernard Law said he will not resign, despite fervent and numerous calls from prominent city leaders, publications, and church members to do so. Law’s remarks come only days after recently released court documents show that Law was aware of the sexually abusive nature of another one of his priests, Revered Paul Shamley, and continued to shuffle him from parish to parish in 3 states over the last 20 years.

Maryetta Dussourd, whose 3 sons and 4 nephews were repeatedly molested by one of the priests whom Law knew had a history of pedophilia, was outraged by the Cardinal’s remarks, “His passport should be impounded, he should be met by the district attorney and arrested, given his rights, and put in jail as an accessory to crime. He shouldn’t be given a choice of stepping down.”


New York Times, 4/13/02

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