Cartoon General to Undergo Sensitivity Training

The “Beetle Bailey” cartoon General Amos Halftrack, who spends most of time objectifying his secretary, Ms. Buxley, will soon undergo sexual harassment sensitivity training. Mort Walker, the cartoon’s creator has said he decided that the General should undergo the training after recent charges that inappropriate sexual behavior runs rampant through the military. Editors’ negative reaction to the character’s sexism also led to the decision.

Beginning on July 7th, the general will undergo a four-day sensitivity training. After the training is over, Walker has said that the general will no longer make comments about being a “hands on” general, ogle after his secretary, nor will he ask Ms. Buxley to file things in a bottom drawer so he can look at her legs. The general will still be a bumbling bureaucrat and a horrible golf player.


CNN- July 7, 1997

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