Catholic Colleges Support BC’s Ban on Condom Distribution

Catholic colleges and universities across the country are siding with Boston College’s decision to discipline students who continue to distribute condoms on campus. A representative from Catholic University, Victor Nakas, said, “One of the teachings of our faith is that contraception is morally unacceptable. Since condoms are a form of contraception, we do not permit their distribution on campus.” Colleges that have aligned their policies with Boston College include the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, University of Dayton, Providence College, and the Catholic University of America.

A group of Boston College students are facing possible punishment from the college’s administration for passing out condoms. The group, Safe Sites, founded a network of eighteen dorm rooms and additional spaces near the campus that provide condoms to students.

A spokesperson for the college, Jack Dunn, told students in an email that, “As a Jesuit, Catholic University, there are certain Catholic commitments that Boston College is called to uphold. We ask our students to respect these commitments, particularly as they pertain to Catholic social teaching on the sanctity of life. We recognize that, as a reflection of society at large, many students do not agree with the Church’s position on these issues. However, we ask those who do not agree to be respectful of our position, and circumspect in their private affairs.”

Media Resources: The Boston Globe 3/28/13; The Feminist Newswire 3/29/13

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