Catholics for Choice Challenges the Vatican’s Role at the UN

Catholics for Choice launched its “See Change” campaign last week calling for a review of the status of the Roman Catholic church at the United Nations.

The Holy See–the government of the Roman Catholic church–currently holds Non-Member State Permanent Observer status at the UN which gives it an influential role in the intergovernmental body, including access to UN proceedings, that no other religion enjoys. According to Catholics for Choice, the Holy See has used its position to prevent progress for sexual and reproductive health, women’s rights, and other areas. “It’s high time that the Vatican is required to act as other religions do at the UN, said Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien. “Religious voices are important, but should not be granted extra deference simply because they are religious.”

In its campaign, Catholics for Choice notes that since 1964, the Holy See has used direct access to the General Assembly and international conferences to attempt to impose an ultraconservative agenda on the global population, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.” The organization has demanded that the Holy See be treated as a participating nongovernmental organization at the UN–like every other religious group.

The Holy See claims that its possession of a territorial entity, Vatican City, qualifies it as a state. However, to be considered a state, it must have a defined territory, a government, the ability to have relations with other States and a permanent population. Vatican City does not meet all of these requirements, but it still holds influence today largely because of custom.

A short video details the history of the Vatican’s status and influence, as well as the goals of the “See Change” Campaign.


Catholics for Choice

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