Central Michigan FMLA Hosts Religion and Abortion Debate

The CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY FMLA organized a “Religion and Abortion” Open Forum that was co-sponsored by the Women’s Studies department. The FMLA invited 7 religious and spiritual leaders to debate abortion rights. With over 100 people in attendance, the lively debate allowed the audience to also share their ideas, thoughts, and questions during the debate. The FMLA worked closely with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice for ideas, materials, and support. The group wanted to promote awareness of the support for reproductive rights and abortion within religions and spiritualities. The event was a huge success, according to FMLA leader Adrienne Brune, “I think that the success of this forum shows the influence that the FMLA can have on our campus, and the potential to go further with larger events once we can get some organizing strategies down pat!” For more information on hosting your own similar event or for more resources, visit the Spirituality House.

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