Charged in Paternity Suit, Man Sues Girlfriend for Getting Pregnant

Peter Wallis, charged in a paternity suit by former girlfriend Kelli Rae Smith this summer, is suing his ex-girlfriend for getting pregnant.

Wallis has charged Smith with “breach of contract” for allegedly breaking their agreement to avoid pregnancy by taking birth control pills. Smith denies that such an agreement existed and says that her pregnancy was accidental and occurred while she was taking birth control pills.

Wallis’ lawsuit also contends that Smith is liable for fraud and conversion of property – his semen, and has accused Smith of denying him visitation rights.

Wallis, who has never paid child support or legally admitted to paternity, wants visitation rights and also wants their 1-year-old child’s name to be changed from Taylor Smith to Taylor Smith Wallis.


AP - November 23, 1998

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