Chicago Teachers Vote to End Ten Day Strike

On Tuesday, the Chicago Teacher Union voted to end their week and a half long strike and return to the classroom Wednesday morning. For the first time since 1987, Chicago’s public school teachers went on strike on September 10th.

A vast majority of the teacher’s unions’ 800 delegates voted to end the strike and return to work after considering the latest contract between the union and Chicago Public Schools. Karen Lewis, the president of the teacher’s union, stated “We said that it was time – that we couldn’t solve all the problems of the world with one contract, and that it was time to suspend the strike.”

Before accepting the contract, it must be voted on the by union’s entire membership of 26,000 teachers. It will take weeks before final voting results are available, however, Lewis is optimistic that the contract will pass.

Media Resources: New York Times 9/18/12; Feminist Newswire 9/10/12

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