Child Pornographers Identified in Internet Sting

Attorney General Dennis Vacco announced Monday that a federal and state investigator “cybersting” operation has identified more than 1,500 people suspected of sending child pornography over the Internet.

Vacco said child pornography “threatens the safety of our children” and that such illegal activity will not be ignored. In the cybersting, investigators worked the Internet under aliases and posed as adult bookstore owners. The sting was nicknamed “Operation Rip Cord” after investigators became so disgusted with the child porn they were receiving on the computer that they ripped the cord from the wall.

Vacco believe that the sting was “a tremendous leap forward in our battle to protect children from exploitation by child pornographers and holding accountable those responsible for peddling and profiting from this despicable trade.” Authorities have already prosecuted 31 people nationwide, including an Albany, NY student training to become a kindergarten teacher.


AP - September 30, 1997

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