China Bans Coarse Slogans Promoting One-Child Policy

The Chinese government has banned slogans that express the government’s one-child policy in a crude or offensive manner. Such slogans as “Raise fewer babies but more piggies,” “One more baby means one more tomb” and “Houses toppled, cows confiscated, if abortion demand rejected” have all been painted on the sides of buildings in rural areas. China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission fears the slogans may “[cause] misunderstanding [of] the policy, [tarnish] the image of the government and incite public complaint and resentment,” the AP reports.

China’s one-child policy, which has been in effect for 28 years, allows urban families only one child and rural families a second child only if their first is a girl. The policy is enforced by fines of $1,300 and seizure of property. The government claims the policy has precluded at least 300 million births in the overpopulated country and has contributed to China”s surging economic development. Critics say it has led to forced abortions, sterilizations, and an imbalanced sex ratio (with a preference for males).

The Family Planning Commission gave its blessing to an approved list of 190 one-child slogans, including “Mother earth is too tired to sustain more children” and “Both boys and girls are parents’ hearts.”


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