Chinese Woman Acting in Self-Defense Spared Criminal Responsibility

A court in the Hubei Province of China ruled this week against penalizing 21-year-old Deng Yujiao, a waitress who fatally stabbed a Communist Party official who was attempting to rape her. According to CNN, Deng was released because she acted in self-defense, surrendered to police, and had limited criminal responsibility due to manic depression.

The ruling may reflect widespread public support for Deng, reported the Times Online. According to the New York Times, she received an outpouring of support online, despite the Chinese government’s attempts to quell communication about the incident.

On May 10, Deng, who was working in a karaoke and leisure center, was approached by two officials who demanded sex, reported the Guardian. While defending herself, she stabbed and killed one of the men and injured the other.


The Guardian 6/18/09; Times Online 6/18/09; New York Times 6/18/09; CNN 6/17/09

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