Cincinnati Officers Sued in Sexual Assault Case

A woman who alleges that two Cincinnati police officers raped her while she was intoxicated has filed a lawsuit against the officers. Officers Robert Kidd and Robert Johnson allegedly gave Ms. Kandy Linthicum a ride home from a bar, where she had consumed numerous alcoholic drinks celebrating her 40th birthday. The officers told her that it was common procedure for police officers to give intoxicated citizens a ride home. According to Ms. Linthicum, she trusted the two men because they were police officers, and allowed them to assist her into her home, where they both raped her. Her case has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott, the same judge overseeing the settlement of the racial profiling and discrimination case against the Cincinnati police. Both officers are currently off-patrol, working in administrative positions. Her attorneys say the case is situation of “abuse of power” and they are seeking compensatory and punitive damages for assault and battery and emotional distress.


The Cincinnati Enquirer; 07/02/02

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