Citadel, Former Cadet Settle Sexual Harassment Case

The Citadel paid former cadet Kim Messer $15,000 for a sexual harassment case in which the Citadel was not named as a defendant in order to discourage future lawsuits.

Messer, who received a total of $33,750 in the settlement, had accused six male cadets of negligence and mistreatment. The cadets were accused of kicking and punching Messer and setting her clothes on fire. One cadet settled separately and the insurance companies of the other five cadets all contributed to the total settlement. One cadet was dismissed, two left the school, and nine others were punished after the hazing incidents were reported. None were subjected to criminal charges.

A federal civil-rights suit filed by Jeanie Mentavlos, another female student who was also subjected to abuse from fellow cadets, is pending.

Feminist News Stories on Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Discrimination in the Military


AP and Washington Post - May 12, 1998

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