Citadel Invites Congressional Probe Into Hazing Incidents and Votes in New President

The Citadel’s interim president Clifton Poole announced on January 3 that the school would welcome a Congressional probe into allegations that female cadets were hazed. U.S. Representative Steve Buyer (R-IN) had raised the possibility of a Congressional probe after cadets Jeannie Mentavlos and Kim Messer reported being severely hazed by male cadets. The two women reportedly would like to return to classes for their second semesters, but they have not yet made a final decision.

On the evening of January 5, The Citadel’s governing board voted unanimously to appoint John S. Grinalds to serve as the school’s President. Grinalds is a retired Marine major general and West Point graduate who has most recently served as the headmaster for an all-male, non-military boarding school. Grinalds is a Rhodes Scholar with degrees from Oxford University and the Harvard Business School. Commenting on the hazing allegations, Grinalds said, “I’m not that concerned about the immediate problems the Citadel has. We can fix those. The answers to the problems are within the corps of cadets and the faculty and The Citadel will be able to address those and make it through this transition.”


The New York Times - January 6, 1997

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