Civil Rights Coalition Demands Trump Administration Protect Civil Rights

Following a statement from a White House Spokesperson praising the Trump Administration’s, “unwavering commitment to the civil rights of all Americans,” the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights penned a letter both addressing the blatant inconsistencies between the administration’s statement and facts, and further demanding a greater commitment to the laws that serve to protect America’s most vulnerable.


The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is a coalition of more than two hundred advocacy organizations, including the Feminist Majority, dedicated to the promotion of civil and human rights throughout the country. Deeply troubled by the drastic cuts within Trump’s proposed budget, the coalition called upon the administration to, “reverse course, before more individuals and communities are harmed,” with a five point list of actions ensuring the protection of civil rights: enforce the law, preserve existing policies, nominate and appoint qualified individuals, prioritize data collection, and condemn bigotry and violence.


The coalition cites the funding cuts directed towards various enforcers of civil rights protections, pointing out that underfunding will result in a reversal on the legal progress America has made in protecting its citizens. “For decades, and for compelling reasons, the vigorous enforcement of these laws has been a core federal responsibility, and should never be seen as optional or as a matter of politics.”


The retreat from such policies, in addition to the weak civil rights record currently held by the Trump Administration, encompass the overt systemic attack on human rights protections throughout the country. The coalition calls on the administration to turn its empty commitment into meaningful action by taking “affirmative steps to halt the problematic policies and initiatives we have outlined, and to provide positive leadership on these issues in order to promote inclusion and respect for the basic rights and dignity of every person in America.”


Media Outlets: Washington Post 5/29/2017, The Leadership Conference 06/05/2017, Feminist Majority Foundation 06/01/2017, White House 2017

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