Clayton Waagner Threatens to Kill 42 Abortion Providers

Clayton Lee Waagner, convicted felon, anti-abortion extremist, and prison escapee, was allegedly in Carrollton, Georgia on November 23, 2001. During this visit to another anti-abortion extremist, it has been reported to law enforcement that Waagner specifically threatened to kill 42 abortion providers. Law enforcement officials are now in the process of verifying Waagner’s visit to Carrollton.

Prior to this sighting, Waagner was most recently sighted in southeast Pennsylvania on September 17 and 18 and in Memphis, Tennessee on September 7 where he was identified as the driver of a car in which a pipe bomb was found. Waagner is also the suspect in a carjacking in Robinsonville, Mississippi and has been indicted on charges of possessing a destructive device, being a felon in possession of firearms, and being a fugitive in possession of firearms.


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