Clinic Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Anti-Abortion Protestor

A women’s health clinic is seeking a permanent injunction against an anti-abortion extremist. In September, the Emma Goldman Clinic obtained a restraining order against longtime anti-abortion activist Dan Holman, who, with his wife Donna, was a regular fixture outside the clinic in Keokuk, Iowa. In November, the clinic will return to court in an attempt to make the restraining order permanent. The temporary order requires Dan Holman to stay across the street from the clinic and prohibits him from coming within 100 feet of the clinic’s executive director or the medical director’s homes, according to the Iowa City Press Citizen.

The Holmans’ behavior outside the Goldman clinic has steadily escalated, culminating in an interview Dan Holman gave to the New York Times at the execution of Paul Hill for murdering an abortion provider and his volunteer escort. Holman told the Times, “Some day, I hope I will have the courage to be as much as a man as [Hill] was,” according to the Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report. He also told the Orlando Sentinel, “I haven’t killed anyone yet, but I believe they deserve to die,” the Associated Press reports. “First they had the bloody signs, then they were videotaping us, and then the yelling at clients and staff, standing right at the edge of the law,” said the clinic’s executive director, Karen Kubby, AP reports. “When you see that, and then the comments he made at the Paul Hill execution, it’s my job to make sure our clients and our staff are safe.”

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