Clinton Admin. Urged to Appeal FCC EEO Ruling

Civil rights leaders are urging the Clinton administration to appeal a U.S. Court of Appeals decision against the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) 30-year-old equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies. Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and others met with the Justice Department’s acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Bill Lann Lee, to discuss an appeal.

The decision, announced last week, declared the FFC’s EEO policies, which required hiring of minorities of women in television and radio stations throughout the country, unconstitutional.

FCC Chairman William E. Kennard said in a statement last week, “Our rules have opened doors for minorities and women and have led to more minorities and women in front of and behind the television camera and inside and outside of the radio booth.”

The FCC is considering grounds for an appeal.

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AP - April 16, 1998

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