Clinton Advocates Proposed Child Care Reforms

In a Mother’s Day radio address, President Clinton promoted his $21.7 billion plan to subsidize child care for working parents. The plan has been opposed in Congress by Republicans who want to give tax breaks to stay-at-home moms and families instead.

In his address, Clinton urged support for a bankruptcy reform proposal that would place mothers seeking child support on similar ground with banks and credit card companies when fathers file for bankruptcy. He also urged Congress to allow criminal background checks on child care workers, which are currently prohibited in some states.

Clinton also spoke of two publications offered by his Administration. The first, published by the Department of Health and Human Services, is a consumer guide for parents seeking childcare. It encourages parents to interview and personally visit childcare sites, seek references on child care providers by contacting other parents and local authorities, research the quality and price of the care offered, and seek an active relationship with the caregiver. Another publication published by the Justice Department gives specific advice on how to hire care givers.


CNN - May 9, 1998

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