Clinton Appeals to Women to Challenge Tax Cut

According to the Clinton administration, women will have much more to lose than men do if federal surpluses aren’t used to bolster Medicare.

The President and First Lady are firmly against the huge tax cut recently approved by the House, and they pledge to “Invest in a stronger Medicare program for our mothers and grandmothers, or give away the entire surplus on a risky and irresponsible tax scheme.”

The administration is using a study conducted by the Older Women’s League, which found that women spend more money on prescription drugs than men and depend on Medicare for longer periods of time. The Clintons plan to use this study to show that women live longer and generally have lower incomes, making them more dependent on the nation’s health insurance program.

Researchers found that three out of five Medicare beneficiaries are women and that seven of every 10 poverty-stricken retirees are female. In addition, women spend approximately $1,200 per year on medications, as compared to the $1,000 men spend on average.


Nando Times and Reuters- July 27, 1999

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