Clinton Asked to Sign Anti-Family Planning Bill

By including a bill that restricts U.S. aid to family planning groups as part of United Nations Debt reform, Congress has crafting a way to restrict U.S. funding of international family planning groups that support countries in liberalizing their abortion laws.

However, President Clinton opposes the bill and has promised to veto it. The United States could be at risk for losing its voting rights in the General Assembly if it does not begin to pay back its debt, estimated at $1.6 billion by the UN. Congress has stated that the debt total is under $1 billion. Approximately $200 million is required by the end of the year for the US to keep its voting rights.

A House Appropriations Committee spokesman feels assured that U.S. voting rights will not be revoked. “We won’t lose our voting rights but we won’t pay any arrearages” unless abortion restriction measures are signed by the President


Washington Post - October 16, 1998

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