Clinton Backs Anti-Discrimination Bill for Homosexuals

White House officials announced Thursday that President Clinton supports a bill which would outlaw workforce discrimination against homosexuals. Clinton wrote Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA), the chief sponsor of the bill, that “Those who face this k ind of job discrimination have no legal recourse, in either state or federal courts. This is wrong.” Clinton’s support marks the first time a sitting President has backed a major bill aimed at achieving equal rights for homosexuals. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would grant sexual or ientation the same status as race, sex, religion, color or national origin with regards to protections against bias in hiring promotions or dismissals. The bill would not, however, cover the armed forces, businesses with fewer than fifteen employees or r eligious institutions. Even with those concessions, few expect the bill to pass either the House or Senate.


The Nando Times - October 20, 1995

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