Clinton Nominates First Woman Lieutenant General

On Tuesday (3-26), President Clinton nominated Marine Corps Maj. Gen Carol Mutter, 50, to be the first woman promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in the Marines. If confirmed by the Senate, Mutter would become the first female officer elevated to the rank of three-star general in the Marines. The ranking equals a vice admiral in the Navy, a position to which no woman has been named. Mutter, a 28- year Marine veteran, will be in charge of a senior position, the Marine Corps manpower policy and planning. Mutter remembered the limits for women in the military when she began her career and advised women in the military to be patient and persevere. Currently the positions open to women comprise the 64 percent of the positions in the Marines, 68 percent in the Army, 94 percent in the Navy, and 99 percent in the Air Force.


The Washington Post - March 27, 1996; USA Today - March 27, 1996

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