Clinton Proposes Family-Planning Increase-Largest Increase in 20 Years

President Clinton proposed a $35 million increase in family-planning spending in the United States. The funds would be shared among 4,600 clinics nationwide, and would provide for “the full range of reproductive health services.” The proposed increase, according to Administration officials, is intended to prevent unwanted pregnancies among teens, poor women, and women with limited access to health care. These funds can not be used for abortions.

Clinton will also seek $16 million for international family planning and councling services. This would be a 45% increase over FY 2000. The Clinton Administration will also urge Congress to lift the gag rule on abortion counseling in developing nations. As a part of an end of session deal, last year’s Congress released $926 million in UN dues and the administration accepted the abortion gag rule restrictions from international family planning groups. Under the deal the president can issue a waiver to these restrictions but the groups that use the waiver have to accept a 3% or $12.5 million cut in funds. Clinton will seek to remove these restrictions this year.


Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report and Nando Times - January 10, 2000

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