Clinton to Appoint Janet Yellen Council of Economic Advisors Chair

President Clinton has offered the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, the panel which advises the President on economic issues to Brown (B.S.) and Yale (Ph.D.) University Graduate Janet Yellen. Yellen, who has taught economics at Harvard, London School of Economics and at Berkeley, has most recently served on the Federal Reserve board. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she is married with one child.

Clinton continues to meet today with outgoing Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, current Chief of Staff Irksine Bowles and Vice-President Al Gore to finalize his appointments for a December 20th press conference. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member Elizabeth Moller is a strong possibility for Energy Secretary. Clinton aide Alexis Herman and Representative Esteban Torres (D-CA) are both being considered for Secretary of Labor.


Associate Press - December 19, 1996

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