Clinton Waives International Family Planning Restrictions

On Tuesday President Clinton waived congressionally-imposed restrictions on federal funds going to organizations abroad that perform abortions or lobby for less restrictive abortion laws.

The restrictions-passed by Congress and agreed to by the White House as part of a deal to release funds for back payments to the United Nations-restored a Reagan era policy that prohibited U.S. funding of private family planning groups that perform or promote abortions, even with their own funds.

Under Republican stipulations of the agreement, when Clinton waived the restrictions in order to release funds for international family planning organizations, he had to limit money for abortion advocacy to $15 million. Clinton said he will oppose inclusion of the restrictions in any future appropriations bill. “I do not believe it is appropriate to limit foreign NGOs’ use of their own money, or their ability to participate in the democratic process in their own countries,” he said.


Nando Times and AP - December 1, 1999

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