Clintons Campaign for Female Senators

President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spent Monday raising funds for California Senator Barbara Boxer and Washington Senator Patty Murray. Both women face difficult re-election races in 1998. Republican Rep. Sonny Bono may challenge Boxer, and Republican Rep. Linda Smith will run against Murray. Republican organizations have declared Murray’s state as one of the best areas to achieve partisan gains in the Senate. President Clinton and Boxer raised $1.5 million for the Senator and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee while campaigning in California on Monday, and the First Lady helped Murray and the Committee raise $185,000 in just three hours in Seattle. At the fundraiser for Murray, Clinton said, “We need to keep the attention focused on what Sen. Murray has done, what she has stood for and what she is still working on. If we keep that focus on her commitmentƒthen I have absolutely no doubt on what the outcome of this election will be.”


USA Today and The Nando Net 1997

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