CNN Reportedly Considering Only Men for New Show

CNN has reportedly only considered male candidates thus far for a new Crossfire-style show. According to Media Bistro, CNN is considering the following male candidates: current CNN contributors Roland Martin and Errol Lewis, ESPN’s Steve Smith, and Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks on the liberal side and frequent CNN contributor Joe Pagliarulo and several radio personalities including Roe Conn, Joe Watkins, and Steve Malzberg on the conservative side.

Despite some highly visible gains for women in the media, most recently the promotion of Diane Sawyer to host ABC’s “World News,” women hold only 3 percent of “clout” positions in the media, according to the Women’s Media Center. When Sawyer’s tenure commences, two of the three major network evening news broadcasts will be anchored by women. Katie Couric became the first woman to solo-anchor a major evening newscast in 2006 when she became host of the “CBS Evening News.”


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