Coalition of Women’s Group to Get Out the Vote

Women’s Vote ’96, a coalition of 110 women’s organizations, announced Wednesday (3-13) that it will spend more than $6 million targeting 10 states to improve voter turnout among women. Releasing a state-by-state analysis of women’s voting patterns in the last three presidential elections, the group found that an average of 63.8 percent of eligible women actually voted. Through intense media campaigns and voter registration drives, the groups hopes to increase the number of eligible voters and turnout for the 1996 election. Targeted states include: Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas, the third largest state in electoral votes. Including Texas’ 32 votes, the ten states carry a total of 140 out of 538 electoral votes. Texas was among the bottom 10 in the country in the percentage of registered women voters in the past three presidential elections.


The Associated Press - March 14, 1996

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