Colombia to Permit Abortions in Certain Cases

Reversing its complete ban on abortion under any circumstances, Colombia will now grant access to abortion when a pregnancy results from incest or rape or when the woman’s life is endangered. According to the Associated Press (AP), Chile and El Salvador remain the only Latin American countries with a total ban on abortion.

After Colombia’s Constitutional Court rejected a lawsuit demanding access to abortion late last year, Colombian lawyer Monica Roa filed a second suit in December 2005 that specifically addressd the questions raised by the Court in hope of overturning the ban. The AP reports that Colombia’s Constitutional Court has legalized abortion under certain conditions by a 5-3 vote. The decision cannot be overruled with the country’s Supreme Court.

Speaking to the AP after the decision was announced, Roa stated, “The Court fulfilled its duty in recognizing the right of Colombian women.”


Associated Press 5/11/06; Feminist Daily News Wire 12/14/05

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