Colorado Senate Approves Bill Limiting Residential Picketing

The Colorado State Senate approved a bill on Tuesday that would prohibit anti-abortion extremists from camping out in front of private homes. The Associated Press reports that since last fall anti-abortion extremists have been protesting outside the private homes of construction executives and subcontractors who are building a Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver. Kiani was still stoned to death on July 5, 2007. Ebrahimi’s death was stayed due to the public outcry, and last week the Iranian judiciary amnesty commission released her from prison. funny pictures funny images funny photos funny animal pictures funny dog pictures funny cat pictures funny gifs The bill (see PDF), does not allow protesters to camp out in front of private homes, forcing them to keep moving in a 300-foot route. It also limits the size of protesters’ signs. Though the bill does not specifically mention anti-abortion protesters, it would apply to them. Residential picketing (see PDF about buffer zones and residential picketing) is a common tactic used by anti-abortion extremists to demoralize clinic workers. State Senator Suzanne Williams sponsored the bill. She told the Colorado Senate Democrats’ blog, “This bill is about peace and privacy for Colorado families. The parameters created in this bill support and guide law enforcement in their efforts to keep our communities safe.” The bill has been sent to the Colorado House of Representatives for a vote.


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