Colorado Voter Registration Errors Impact Thousands

As voter registration in Colorado closed on Monday, state officials noted that thousands of the new Colorado voter registration forms were completed incorrectly. Many of the errors are related to a box left unchecked in the form’s identification section, related to holding a state driver’s license or ID number, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

As many as 3,000 voters in Denver County and 1,700 in Boulder County alone may be impacted by this issue. State officials are contacting affected voters and allowing the voters to re-register, stated The Denver Channel. According to the Denver Post more than 112,000 new voters have registered in Colorado since July.

University of Colorado at Boulder Student Union Tri-Executive Ryan Biehle told The Denver Channel that “we wanted to make sure students were aware this could be a problem.” Students without Colorado state identification must use their social security numbers to register in the state. Campuses have worked hard to make sure the student vote counts. The University of Colorado at Boulder will have three polling places on campus for the November 4 election, Fairvote reports.


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