Commander Suspended for His Battalion’s Sexual Misconduct

The June 27th suspension of Lt. Col. Martin T. Utzig marks the first time the Army has decided to assign responsibility to a commander for sexual misconduct in training units at Aberdeen. Six drill sergeants and a captain in Utzig’s battalion face charges of sexual assault against subordinate trainees. Delmar Simpson, the first Aberdeen drill sergeant convicted of rape, was under Utzig’s command. His suspension shows a willingness on the Army’s part to listen to members of Congress and other critics who believe the entire command structure at the northeast Maryland post has contributed to the secrecy surrounding the sex scandals. More than 50 women have allegedly been harassed at Aberdeen. During Utzig’s suspension, Capt. Kathy Sorenson will be acting commander at the battalion.


The USA Today and The Washington Post - July 3, 1997

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