Congress approves Anti-ICC American Servicemembers Protection Act

Largely unnoticed, in a continuation of the US attack on the International Criminal Court (ICC), both the US Senate and House of Representatives last week passed the American Servicemembers Protection Act (ASPA). Incorporated as part of the 2002 Supplemental Appropriations bill, ASPA prohibits US cooperation and support of the ICC. In addition, the bill forbids the extradition of any person from the US to the ICC and authorizes the President to free and direct legal representation to US military or government personnel detained or imprisoned by Court.

President Bush is expected to sign the ASPA before the August recess.


USAforICC.org 7/24/02; Coalition for the ICC 7/26/02; World Federalist Association 7/18/02; HR 4775 8/1/02

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