Congressional Female Custodians Claim Sex Discrimination

Female custodians working in the U.S. Capitol building filed a sex discrimination suit on Thursday, December 12. The 18 women allege that they are paid less than male workers who do much of the same work. The custodian position, comprised mostly of women, receives $9.99 per hour; the laborer position, comprised mostly of men, is paid $10.77 an hour. The custodians claim that the distinction between the two categories concerns name, gender and pay, not job content. Jewel Lewis, a nine-year custodian commented, “We’re doing way more than the men and getting underpaid.” Tony Corbo, who represents the women, said the custodians must now take out up to 50 pounds of trash while cleaning, though this job is supposedly reserved for the laborers.


The Washington Post, USA Today - December 13, 1996

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