Conservatives See Bush Presidency As Opportunity

Despite George W. Bush’s assertions that he will be a “uniter” between Democrats and Republicans, conservative forces who backed his candidacy see Bush’s presidency as an opportunity to codify their agenda into law. Right-wing groups are already demanding ultra-conservative appointments to the Departments of Health and Human Services, the Interior, Education and Labor, and are calling on Bush to reverse several decisions of the Clinton administration, including the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of mifepristone. In addition, right-wing groups seek a conservative Attorney General, and Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, and defeated Missouri Senator John Ashcroft are top on their lists. Keating, who is vehemently anti-abortion, received an “F” on NARAL’s choice report card during his bid for vice presidential candidate on the Bush ticket. Both Gilmore and Ashcroft have anti-choice records as well. Finally, conservatives assert that they will protest any judicial appointments that are not anti-choice, despite Bush’s claims that he would not use abortion as a “litmus test” for Supreme Court and other judicial appointments.


Associated Press _ December 15, 2000 and Feminist Daily News Wire _ July 19, 2000

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