Contraception Address in NH Debate

Although Rick Santorum has been under fire for his statements opposing contraception, George Stephanopoulos did not direct questions to him regarding his views on the subject during the New Hampshire debate on Saturday. Last week, Santorum indicated last week that he opposed not only to abortion but wants to repeal Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) and allow states to ban birth control access.

Nevertheless, Stephanopoulos did raise the subject of birth control with Mitt Romney asking, “Governor Romney, do you believe that states have the rights to ban contraception, or is that trumped by constitutional right to privacy?” During the debate Romney was unclear regarding his position on abortion. He indicated that he thought that <i>Roe v. Wade</i> was not decided correctly since the Constitution does not guarantee the right to privacy, but he went on to say that “Contraception, it’s working just fine! Leave it alone!,” according to <i>The Atlantic</i>.

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