Court Rules in Favor of AZ Abortion Clinics on Privacy Rights Issue

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that legislation requiring Arizona abortion clinics to release uncensored patient files and to submit to searches without a warrant is an unconstitutional violation of privacy. The court also ruled unconstitutional legislation requiring that ultrasounds taken at abortion clinics must be submitted to a third party for examination, reports the Associated Press. However, the case is being sent back to a trial court to determine the constitutionality of various regulations included in the contested legislation. The 1999 law requires that abortion providers have special ultrasound training, that women must schedule follow-up appointments three weeks after an abortion, and that clinics must contact patients the day following an abortion, according to the Associated Press. The Center for Reproductive Rights argues that these rules place an “undue burden” on women’s rights to reproductive care, including abortion. The lawsuit, brought by a variety of Arizona abortion providers, claims that the rules impose an unfair financial burden on abortion clinics that could lead to clinic failure. DONATE to protect the right to a safe, legal abortion


The Associated Press 6/19/04; Center for Reproductive Rights press release 6/18/04

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